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MEGASTAR, a novel: Publication date ,May 1, 2024


Dive into the mesmerizing world of “MEGASTAR” and experience a poignant tale of music, fame, love, and love lost. Nineteen-year-old Addison Stone, raised by a mentally unstable single mother, becomes an overnight international singing sensation. Still carrying the scars of his youth, he struggles to accept his sudden fame and fortune. Will it suffice to fill the void left by his tumultuous past?

With a twist of fate and a bit of kismet, Addison stumbles upon solace in his extraordinary singing voice. The stage becomes his refuge, but amidst the blinding lights and thunderous applause, there’s a deafening silence left by the absence of the woman he loved, lost, and hopes to reclaim.

As he climbs the ladder to musical acclaim, his heart remains tethered to a past he can never escape. He yearns for the love he once had but is lost to his addiction to fame and fortune.

From mother to son, the legacy of Addison’s turbulent childhood persists. Journey through the intricate roots of Addison’s life as “MEGASTAR” takes you on a captivating odyssey.


“MEGASTAR” is a rapidly moving read which, once started, you will not want to put down: Innocence and innocence lost; love and love lost; decencies and decencies lost, “MEGASTAR” has all this and more! Do not start this unique story unless prepared to read it entirely in one sitting.” 5 Stars. Stan P.

“Author Eastwood delivers a gift to readers with MEGASTAR, his third novel. From international singing fame, money, women, love, and love lost, this is truly a unique story. As for the touching love story, I admit to choking up several times. Bravo! Highly recommended.” 5 stars – JoAnn D. L.


“Mr. Eastwood has written a great story of a young man thrust too soon into the spotlight without knowing the many pitfalls awaiting him. Filled with rich, vibrant characters, you will be drawn into their struggles and emotions in a deeply personal way. It is a story of love and nativity mixed with many hopes, dreams, and tragedies. You will find MEGASTAR impossible to put down until you finish the last page.” 5 Stars - Author Gene Stiles.

“I read Eastwood’s two previous novels, a suspense thriller, and the other science fiction. Both were great reads by an imaginative author who can tell a story well and carefully crafts interesting characters. This time, Eastwood tells the story of a young Addison Stone, who becomes an international singing star almost overnight. The love story between Addison and the woman he loves and loses had me in tears. Once I began reading, I couldn’t put the book down and finished it in four days. Pick up a copy of Megastar; you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.” 5-Stars. P. LaMont.


“Young Addison Stone’s rise to worldwide superstardom is an intensely exciting, engaging, uplifting journey, exploring the rewards and pitfalls that often seem to accompany great fame and fortune. The love story is inspirational in so many ways. The story is exceptionally well told by an author who knows how to put the reader into that ‘can’t put it down’ mode.  Happily, that’s precisely where I found myself. You will, too.’” 5-Stars – C. Bregg


“I found young Addison Stone to be a flawed but likable protagonist. He did not seek fame and fortune, but they were thrust upon him, and he was not prepared for either and struggled to accept his fate. He becomes entangled in a seemingly doomed love affair with a bittersweet ending that will tug at your heart. If you enjoy character-driven novels, grab a copy of MEGASTAR; you’ll be glad you did.” 5-Stars – Author Robert Clark

The Autopsy of Planet Earth, a Science Fiction Novel:

The Autopsy of Planet Earth.jpg

Part one & part two


PART ONE. When mankind is threatened by the arrival of an intelligent alien race claiming to have come in peace, Gabriel Ferro, Chief of Staff to U.S. President William Conrad, and Dr. Catherine Blake become ensnared in not only a CIA/NSA conspiracy but a world beyond their wildest imagination, a world beyond Earth, beyond the Milky Way.

PART TWO: The sweeping saga continues as Gabriel Ferro and Dr. Catherine Blake prepare to travel to the alien’s planet to learn how the aliens successfully transformed their society to one that revels in peace, harmony, and balance. But the question remains: Is it the alien’s plan to transmute mankind in their image? Together, Gabriel and Dr. Blake venture beyond Earth, beyond the Milky Way, to a world they could not have imagined in an effort to solve the mystery.


“Eastwood shines with his imagination and insight as to the human race. It is thought-provoking, discussion-worthy, and hard to forget. Chosen book Talk Radio’s book of the year!” 5-Stars -

“Eastwood’s vision of first contact between an alien race and humans is unlike anything I might have imagined— it truly surprises. If you enjoy well-written, thoughtful science fiction, then this book is for you.” 5-stars.” Sean Murphy.

“Eastwood wisely crafted characters that readers can easily relate to and takes readers on a magical ride through the vast cosmos and back. This novel is written with a keen perception and cleverly apt expression of ideas that awaken the senses.” 5-Stars - Roberta N.

“What an imaginative story with enough twists and turns that caused me not to want to put the book down. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys intelligent, sharply-written science fiction. From the Oval Office to an alien planet, it delivers.” Pearl G. Gonzalez.

Midnight Black, a Suspense Thriller Novel:


In a world ravaged by fear and plagued by autocratic billionaires, Billy Russell’s life takes a stunning turn. Once a narcotics officer, he is sentenced to 20 years in isolation after exacting cold-blooded justice against the man who committed a heinous crime against him.

Suddenly, without explanation, his bleak existence is reduced by 5 years. Billy returns to society in the iron grip of authoritarian rulers who have plunged the world into poverty, crime, disease, and drug addiction. Billy is told he will work for the government in a drug enforcement unit in Boston. Soon, he is approached by a clandestine underground dissident group hell-bent on overthrowing the oppressive New World government. Their mission resonates with Billy’s desire to end the demonic reign of tyranny.


Will he emerge as the catalyst for change, or will he become a pawn in the wicked game of those who hold the world’s fate in their hands?



“Page after page unfolded with uncanny references to what we are going through today. I can’t recommend this book highly enough and gave it 5 Stars.” Amazon Review.


“Imagine James Patterson’s Alex Cross but with a science fiction twist. Midnight Black is a character-driven thriller that has something to say and knows how to tell a suspenseful story.” 5-Stars – Amazon Review.


“What a ride!!!  R.J. Eastwood’s Midnight Black is absolutely a “can’t put it down” read.” 5-Stars. Amazon Review.

“If anyone is looking for a thriller, and I mean a thriller, the Midnight Black is the book you’re looking for.” 5-stars – Amazon Review.


“This book is absolutely faultless as a reading experience. I recommend Midnight Black as a must-read for thriller, spy, and end-of-the-world fiction fans.” 5-stars – Amazon Review.

America: Standing Strong, Nonfiction - Current Events:

Untitled design (4).jpg

“America: Standing Strong” proudly presents investigative reporters, scholars, scientists, medical professionals, and revered voices from the past across the political spectrum to examine the events of recent years, not what we already know, but what we may not or have yet to acknowledge, in our quest for reformation.

A wave of mental exhaustion swept across America: extreme political polarization, the pandemic, the shutdown of the economy and lost jobs, the Black Lives Matter movement followed by racial uncertainty, allegations that the 2020 election was rigged, the January 6 insurrection, supply chain shortages, high prices on everything and climate changes that have led to droughts, violent storms, and out of control fires. All these events coalesced into one of the most tumultuous periods in recent memory, leaving a lasting impact on our society.


And yet, Americans value their democracy as written in the Constitution, the document on which the country was founded. It allowed America to flourish and prosper, and it will again.

“America: Standing Strong” examines what went wrong and offers common-sense solutions for how the country can move forward as a unified nation again.



Emery is a skilled storyteller with a gripping writing style that effectively distills the last six years’ social, cultural, and political milieu into less than 300 pages—a well-argued case for political and social healing in the U.S. - Kirkus Reviews.

“After finishing the book, I felt enlightened, frightened, baffled, and any number of emotions ... all because Emery simplified the past few years in a couple hundred pages. Facts. Just the facts. An amazing accomplishment by this author.” 5-Stars - Ron Kinscherf.

“I am both astounded and awed by the time, effort, and thought—as well as the courage— of this author to bring to light the many serious problems and issues all people face. Truly a ten-star read and an awakening, even if unwanted, for all of us.”

5-Stars - International Review of Books.


“The research this author has done to report and view this bit of our history was amazing, and the information created a huge wake-up call for all of us.” 5-Stars – Chris Sabella.


“Nonfiction readers are learning junkies, and this book doesn’t disappoint. It is infused with wisdom and deep historical insights, and I came away with a sense of hope and a better understanding of how we got here. Can’t wait to read more from this author.” 5-Stars – Lisa T.

Other books by Robert J. Emery:
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