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The Autopsy of Planet Earth:

Coming October 2021

Midnight Black:

A non-stop explosive suspense thriller

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The truth is revealed and the incredible adventure begins.

Part One:

When mankind is threatened by the arrival of an intelligent alien race claiming to have come in peace, Gabriel Ferro, Chief of Staff to U.S. President William Conrad, and Dr. Catherine Blake, become ensnared in not only a CIA/NSA conspiracy, but a world beyond their wildest imagination, a world beyond Earth, beyond the Milky Way. In an effort to learn why the aliens have come at all, together Gabriel and Dr. Blake venture to where no humans have gone before.


The Autopsy of Planet Earth was the overall winner of Book Talk Radio’s Book of the Year and it deserved it! It is thought provoking science fiction, discussion worthy, and hard to forget.



Part two:

The sweeping saga continues as Gabriel Ferro and Dr. Catherine Blake prepare to travel to the alien’s planet to learn firsthand how the aliens successfully transformed their society to one that revels in peace harmony and balance. But the question remains… what are the alien’s true motives? Is it their intention to transmute mankind forever?  Together, Gabriel and Dr. Blake venture beyond Earth, beyond the Milky Way to a world they could not have imagined in an effort to solve the mystery,


The Autopsy of Planet Earth is a barnburner, a page-turner… it’s Robert Heinlein on speed—a concept around every corner, an event around every page.

-Don Bacue, International Features Syndicate


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“How do I describe fifteen years working underground like a sewer rat never seeing the surface, the sky, or whatever the hell else might be out there in no man’s land? One day rolls into the next without reference to anything but the semi-dark, dusty mine shafts, the continuous clamor of heavy machinery, the brutal Neanderthal guards, inmates looking for a dust-up, or worse, a carnal roll in the sack in the middle of the night with a willing or unwilling partner. Each minute, each hour, each passing day plays out without place, time, meaning, or documentation.”


“When plunder becomes a way of life for men, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."

Frederic Bastiat, French Economist. 1801-1850


Fifteen years following his imprisonment for committing a brutal revenge murder, former top DEA Agent Billy Russell is paroled five-years early to a world controlled by autocratic billionaires. Armed only with his wits, Billy returns to find a society fighting for its very survival and soon finds himself embroiled in the wildest conspiracy he could have ever imagined.


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