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How did MEGASTAR become my latest novel?

I had this idea that it would be interesting to write about one man’s life from his birth to his final days. I
had no idea who the man would be, or what he did for a living. I also wanted it to be a strong love story;
a complicated one with many twists and turns. That was it, that’s all I knew. For weeks I mulled it over in
my head but just couldn’t nail the story.

I am a huge fan of Andrea Bocelli. I have his albums recorded on a thumb drive and listen to him while
driving around in my car. So, one day I’m driving around listening to Bocelli when a light goes off in my
head. What if I wrote about a young man – in this case 19 years old – who possessed a golden voice and
who at the urging of his neighbor and family friend, joins the local church choir. I played around with
that idea for a week or so. The backstory would become vital to the story. I decided he had been raised
by a single mother who was mentally unstable as a result of being abused as a child. Unfortunately, his
mother passes her demons on to her son.

Because of his amazing voice, he is discovered by a New York talent agent. In short order, the young
man (Addison Stone) becomes an overnight international singing star. It happens to him so quickly that
it creates more problems than it solves. That was it, that was my story.

Without outlining, I began writing, and as if the writing gods were looking over my shoulder, page after
page just kept falling in place. It took me a year and a half of writing, and a month working with my
editor, before I had the novel done and sent off to my publisher. Megastar represents my 9 th publication.
I have written both fiction and nonfiction. Megastar is my 3 rd novel. I honestly can say I never had so
much fun writing. What a joy it is as a writer to work on a book, whether fiction or nonfiction, that you
have a passion for and must write it.

My lead character, Addison Stone, became real to me. Other authors know what I’m talking about. You
have to be passionate and 100% sold on the story you chose to write. Otherwise, you are just filling in

I thank everyone for their support and hope readers enjoy reading the novel as much as I enjoyed
creating it.

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