Midnight black: The Purge

“When Midnight Black finally draws to a close, readers feel as if they have truly lived in this future world, but hope they never will. Curious? You should be. This is powerful writing and well worth your time. Don’t be surprised if you read it in one sitting. I did!” 5-STARS.

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

“It’s excellent. It grabbed me by the scruff of the neck straight away and didn’t let go all the way through.” Ezri J.

“It’s written with the pop, pop, pop of the subject matter, speeding like the bullet-style of morte d’arthur… a tumble of rapid-fire words. I am left breathless by the flawless style. You are a dangerous one, Mr. Eatwood, who flattens me to the point of saying, ‘Why should I even try when this is how it should read?’” Joan J.

“Just read an advance of the first chapter of Midnight Black. Absolutely grabbed me as one of the best opening chapters I’ve read.” Pearl G.

“Eastwood did an amazing job getting me into the head of the main character.” Michelle K.


The Autopsy of Planet Earth

“This novel is for all those hooked by the introduction to the original Star Trek series ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before. R.J. Eastwood takes us there and back.” Ray Simmons.


“Eastwood has panache in his style of writing reminiscent of Michael Crichton: crisp prose, intelligently humorous dialogue, and a structure that provides just enough momentum for a steamrolling pace to feel dangerously comfortable.” Jamie Michelle


“The Autopsy of Planet Earth outstrips Dan Brown novels by miles. Highly recommended to readers seeking a sci-fi novel that has depth, is written beautifully, and totally captures one's imagination.” Claire Perkins.

“A barnburner. A page-turner. The author's use of imagery is real and effective, the dialogue crisp and believable. This is not a novel to read. This is a book to savor.  Slurp.” Don B.

“The author cleverly weaves in much of what is actually happening in our world today, making it quite relatable; pure imagination that makes for wonderful reading. Maybe Hollywood will discover this one and turn it into a great film or a TV mini-series.” Nancy Moore.

"Brilliantly plotted and accomplished with a master’s touch. Eastwood has written a spellbinding science fiction novel with a very original concept and great potential for entertainment. A great read, indeed.” Divine Zape.

The Diarrhea Diaries

"I found The Diarrhea Diaries funny, hilarious, surprising, offensive, and often alarming all at the same time. This book isn’t a political commentary… Instead, it is simply a collection of tweets by the President to be read in a light-hearted fashion. This book achieves that goal.

5-stars - Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

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