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The Autopsy of Planet Earth.

Available in e-Book and Paperback


“This two-volume sci-fi thriller is reminiscent of classic science fiction stories combined with the modern cinematic suspense of political thrillers… I really enjoyed how there were moments where I didn’t know where the fiction in the science ended and where real life began… readers will be able to easily go from one book to the next without missing a beat… The Autopsy of Planet Earth is a gripping and stimulating science fiction duology that fans of suspenseful alien arrival stories will certainly enjoy.” 5-stars - Literary Titan Reviews.



“Best story sci-fi ever on human first contact with Aliens. Totally unique, wisely crafted, great characters, cleaver ending. Highly recommended to anyone interested in an intelligent, well-crafted novel written with a keen perception and cleverly apt expression of ideas that awaken the senses. Nothing less than 5-stars” Amazon Review – Roberta N.


“This one was a page-turner for sure. Eastwood is a talented, inventive writer. The novel is masterfully crafted from beginning to end and I couldn't put it down. And the ending is definitely a surprise. Keep it up, Mr. Eastwood!” 5-Stars - Michael Bennett- TMW Media Group.

“Eastwood shines with his imagination and insight as to the human race. This novel is thought-provoking, discussion-worthy, and hard to forget. A tremendous book for a book group to read, and it was Book Talk Radio’s Book of the Year!” 5-Stars -


Midnight Black

Available in E-book, Paperback, Audiobook & Hardcover.


“R.J. Eastwood grips us with an exciting and fast-paced dystopian thriller in Midnight Black! If you love post-apocalyptic dystopian thrillers, come spend your parole in Midnight Black!” 5-stars - Josh -


“Midnight Black is a fantastically written thriller that kept me reading late into the night. The character development is wonderfully done and the main plot scarily plausible.” 5- Stars -Richard Dowsun


“Midnight Black is an unforgettable journey that you need to experience to know why I'm giving it more than 5 stars. Everything is so well done that I have no words to describe which I enjoyed the most!” 5-Stars - Nicolas Clark.


“Wow! Wow! Powerful writing! Eastwood has written a very provocative novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat longing for a good ending or at least an ending that provides some type of hope, and this one does.” 5-stars – Richard W.


“If you’re looking for an ‘edge-of-your-seat thriller’, this book is definitely for you. I highly recommend Midnight Black by an author who not only knows how to write but is able to keep you interested, from the first page to the last.” 5-Stars - Harry Milman, Best Selling Author.